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This car is both beauty and luxury at its finest representation. The automobile model has been featured in famous TV shows and movies, no doubt because of its true elegance. The Audi R8’s 8 cylinder motor makes sure your car does not go hungry on power. Feel your the air brushing back your hair with a 420 horsepower that

will get your blood pumping.

Several features are inspired in the Lamborghini Gallardo, including a semi-automatic transmission. No car will corner like this one. No power can go unprotected, so the Audi R8 includes frontal and lateral air bags that will ensure your safety no matter what. There is also a 10 cylinder version that drives up to 525 horsepower, and can break in 4 seconds.

The interior design of this car provides practical controls for music and other technology related devices to be easily plugged

in. There is also a central screen providing passengers with information about radio, media, navigation and more. Book your model now!

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