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The iconic TwinPower engine from BMW is present in the 650i Convertible. Its 4.4 liter engine goes up to 445 horsepower with high precision direct injection. The BMW 650i has an automatic transmission with 8 gears, that can also be switched to manual handle. This car is so technological, when you hit the brakes, the energy produced is converted into electrical power.

If you experience a rainy day in Miami, your windshield wipers will activate themselves automatically. And if you’re driving at night in a curvy highway, your


will turn before you do to give you a better view of where you’re going.

The interior of the BMW 650i is like no other. Light dimmers are not a new accessory, but they are a significant feature when placed in the interior of a luxurious vehicle. Your audio system has the latest technologies and its anti-theft feature will make sure your car will always be safe. Book your BMW 650i today and just push a button to enjoy the wind in your hair while you drive down the road.

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