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What’s the best car in the world? Many will tell you there’s nothing better than a Cadillac. For a time now, Cadillac has outdone itself by presenting the world with one of the most powerful SUVs in the market: the Cadillac Escalade. Performance and safety are the most appropriate adjectives for this fine piece of machinery.

The Cadillac Escalade’s V8 engine will move its magnanimity from 0 to 60 in 6.8 seconds. Its 22 inch wheels will make sure you overcome any obstacle that comes your way. Technology-based details such a dimming light rear view mirror will help the driver avoid night glare. Heated seats provide passengers with comfort, no matter the temperature.

Bose surround sound system will

make people know you’re coming from a quarter mile away. Integrated screens will entertain the lot of your friends and family, while they seat comfortably and safely on the french stitched leather seats.

Book your Cadillac Escalade today and roam the streets of Miami with true superiority.

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