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The Range Rover Sport is a classic SUV when it comes to rough road, yet keeping a flawless style.

Its permanent all-wheel drive allows for you to have better control of the vehicle no matter the conditions. Its six-speed automatic transmission has a smart technology called CommandShift which allows the SUV to adapt to your driving style and conditions. Even better, the Range Rover Sport has a two-speed electronically controlled transfer gearbox which gives you the option of having manual or automatic drive.

If by any chance the SUV senses that there has been a loss of balance, it will automatically lock the differential, avoiding flip-overs and accidents. Thanks to the Range Rover Sport’s V8 engine, it an go up to 6,500 rpm and get you from 0 to 60 in 7.2 seconds. Enjoy the easy push-to-start-engine button, no keys needed, just your thumb.

Every single detail in the interior of the Range Rover Sport is technologically and aesthetically prepared to impress. Driving around Miami never felt better with the Range Rover Sport.

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